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Callout 7 - 27th January 2019 - Lugnaquilla

At 13:28 on Sunday, January 28th, Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team and Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue Team were tasked by An Garda Síochána to assist an injured hillwalker near Lugnaquilla.

While descending the mountain via Camara Hill, the walker slipped and sustained a lower leg injury. The walker was assisted first by a group of hillwalkers, and then by two passing mountain rescue (MR) team members. MR personnel assessed the walker’s condition and provided medical help while waiting for additional resources. MR and Defence Forces personnel evacuated the patient from the mountain by stretcher. The operation was stood down at 16:11. We would like to thank Óglaigh na hÉireann / Irish Defence Forces for their assistance, and the use of the Range Warden’s office car park.

Please do not block access barriers. The MR response to this incident was delayed because an access barrier was blocked by a parked car. Access had to be gained from a different, more difficult, route.

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