The Great Outdoors have been supplying high-quality outdoor equipment since 1976. They are a long-term supporter of Dublin & Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team, providing unwavering support for many years. Be sure to look them up when you're planning your next adventure - no matter how big or small.

The Mater Private Group has a long history of providing excellent medical care to the people of Ireland. The group donates medications that enable us to offer pain relief to our patients and perform life-saving interventions when required.

ISRT have been supplying rope rescue equipment and training since 1991. The company has long-established ties with mountain rescue and have been supplying the team with rope rescue equipment and training for many years.

Swiftwater rescue is a relatively new area of expertise for the team. Our capability in this area has been greatly assisted by Swiftwater Training Safety & Rescue. The company also provide rope rescue training to the team.


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