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Callout: 008: 12th February 2023 – East Coast Nature Reserve.

Updated: Feb 14, 2023

While dealing with a tasking from the National Ambulance Service, at 17:00hrs, the Dublin/ Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team and the Glen of Imaal Mountain Rescue were tasked again by An Garda Síochána to reports of a person who had been walking with friends in the East Coast Nature Reserve, near Newcastle in County Wicklow.

While out the person had become separated from her friends and was now disoriented in a forested area, of the Reserve. While that response was underway and team members were arriving at the RV, the person came across other walkers in area who guided her back to the entrance to the Nature Park.

Team was stood down at 17:38hrs.

Duration of incident: 38 minutes.

Thank you to all agencies involved.

Dublin/Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team is a voluntary 999/112 emergency service that depends on donations from the public to help deliver a professional rescue service.

Please log to for further information, thank you.




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