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Callout : 079 – 11th September 2022 – Glenmacnass Valley

At 20:02hrs, Dublin / Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team and Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue were tasked by An Garda Síochána to a report of up to three persons who had become disorientated / lost on their return descent from Lough Ouler.

It appeared on the face of it, to be a poorly equipped party who apparently had parked their car at the car park above Glenmacnass Waterfall earlier in the day and had hiked from there to Lough Ouler.

Now on their return in the fading light and approaching night, they had lost the path and now found themselves completely disorientated and lost. Sarloc technology was used to locate their position and once established, Rescue personnel were dispatched to their position. Following assessment of the members of that party by MRT personnel, an assisted walkout commenced with the party.

Team was stood down at 21:28hrs.

Duration of incident: 1 hour, 26 minutes.

Thank you to all agencies involved.

Dublin/Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team is a voluntary 999/112 emergency service that depends on donations from the public to help deliver a professional rescue service.

Please log to for further information, thank you.




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