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Callout : 036 20th May 2022 – Oldbridge

At 18:13hrs, Dublin / Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team and Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue were tasked by the National Ambulance Service to a report of female cyclist who was unconscious.

While out cycling, an ex-team member happened upon a female cyclist who was unconscious. The responder immediately contacted emergency services. Fortunately we had response vehicles on scene extremely quick as the incident was not far from the Dublin/Wicklow Mountain Rescue depot in Roundwood. A short time later the National Ambulance Service also arrived on scene. After assessment of the patient and due to the seriousness of her injuries, Air Corp 112 was tasked. As soon as the patient was stabilized, she was package and with assistance from Mountain Rescue personnel, then loaded on to the Air Corp AW 139 to hospital.

Team was stood down at 19:25hrs.

Duration of incident: 1 hour, 12 minutes.

Thank you to all the agencies involved.⁠




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