Callout : 034 8th May 2022 – Curtlestown / Wicklow Way

At 10:43hrs, Dublin / Wicklow Mountain Rescue Team and Glen of Imaal Red Cross Mountain Rescue were tasked by An Garda Síochána to a report of a Male hiker experiencing severe pain. The male who had a pre-existing medical condition was in a group that were out for a hike in the area when he became unwell. Local team members immediately made their way in the direction of the group until a more accurate SARLOC position was obtained. Once a location of the casualty site was confirmed, Mountain Rescue Personnel made their way to the patient and started their assessment and treatment. A decision was made to task Rescue 116 for assistance to get the patient to definitive care as quickly as possible. In the interim a National Ambulance Service crew were also in attendance and making their way to the casualty site. Once Rescue 116 arrived on scene the patient was subsequently packaged and evacuated by winch and hi line.

Team was stood down at 13:06hrs.

Duration of incident: 1 hour, 51 minutes.

Thank you to all the agencies involved.⁠




















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